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Continues discussion of NM land with mention of his cousins that got him to go to NM to look for land. Each cousin got a quarter section. One cousin was an old-maid who married after arriving in NM. Children of Bert's cousins took over homesteads. Bert went back to NM in 1941 & cousins were doing well on farm because they had found artesian water. Story of trying to find relatives in NM & visiting his farm. This relative raised cattle, cotton, pinto beans, & corn on 300+ acres. Mentions co-op where pinto beans stored & fluctuation of bean prices. Relative tells of good corn crop with irrigation, but then sand covered everything after a storm. They quit farming because of this. Bert went to Hot Springs, NM during the winter for a few yrs.
Describes hand-held corn planter used in IL. Could plant corn fairly fast, faster than with a hoe. Hand-held corn planter disappeared after mechanical planter introduced. Could put plant corn in timberland that was otherwise to rough to plant. One fellow planted in timberland with a blind horse.