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Bees in hive will build on their own. Describes the genders and classes of bees. Queens lay 3,000-4,000 eggs per day. Workers leave hive to gather nectar. Bees are most important for pollination. US Dept. of Ag. Estimates "bees are only worth 15% for honey, compared with 85% for pollination." Does not advise beekeeping as a profession unless there is a passion for bees. Need a state permit to keep bees. Unlicensed beekeepers might have bees with the "foul brood" disease, which is contagious among hives. Describes mating of queen bee and creation of a new queen bee. One bee lives 3-4 weeks. Describes life cycle of a hive. Gets stung on occasion. Wears a veil but works bare-handed. Ties the bottoms of his trousers to keep bees out of pants. Treats bee stings with smoke.