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Bert discusses stockyards at train stops & shipping cattle to Chicago. Hogs went to St. Louis. Hogs driven along road to rail head. Hogs kept to those they knew in pen with hogs from other farms. Mentions scale to weigh livestock that some found a way to cheat. Story of Bert's father making sure hogs were weighed properly. "Those were the days….." (addenda item# 46, see Aikman 5, Clip# 774)
Bert refers to comedians as "funny-speakers". Bert mentions Chautauquas replaced shows as major entertainment. Mentions plays & orators brought by Chautauquas & towns combining resources to build Chautauqua ground with interurban connecting it to Litchfield & Hillsboro. "High class entertainment." Mentions orators/entertainers, William Jennings Bryan, Sunshine Hawks, & Carry Nation. Story of Carry Nation slapping cigarettes out of people's mouths. Description of Chautauqua grounds which had cabins for people to stay overnight. Had to milk cows on return from day's entertainment. Description of private, chaperoned parties attended as a child & food eaten. Mentions making ice-cream. (addenda item# 47, 48, see Aikman 5, Clip# 775)