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Story of grocer (Joe Kessinger) borrowing money from his poor customers to pay wholesaler so he could keep good customers. Describes Booth's clothing store, Gleason's ("full-blooded Jews", but honest, good people) clothing store (where Bert's family got their boots every year & where Bert got his first suit), & Ma Gleason's hats. Women like Ma Gleason's hats. Elevator run by Jim Gleason. With advent of threshing machine the area needed another elevator. One built by Charlie Houck. Mr. Bradley handled coal. (addenda item# 67, see Aikman 6, Clip# 777)
Discussion of dried brewer's grain for cattle feed. Grain mixed with molasses for cows to give balanced diet. Each railroad station got a carload of brewer's grain every week & dairy-farmers would pick it up. Merchants would buy flour & pick it up at station. Stockyards at railroad were free to use. Scheduling stockyard use was cooperative. Sam Miller was livestock buyer & seller who made good living. Railroad had to maintain stockyards including a scales & only charged for shipping of livestock, not use of stockyards or scales. (addenda item# 67, see Aikman 6, Clip# 779)