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Got a new job at local Coke shop because she was tired of working at the hospital. Waitressed, made milk shakes, brought drinks, and made food occasionally. Made a little more money. Worked with her peers. Met her husband there.
Describes meeting her husband in March of 1943. He was a sailor. Describes courtship. Went out a few times and then met each others' parents. Husband told her they would get married, but then his leave was over. Had to write letters to each other when he was stationed in Brooklyn, NY. He had to ride the train from Decatur. Then he went to France. At Christmas he sent an engagement ring. Father did not want her to be married, but eventually convinced parents to let her. She was 17 and he was 19. Planned the wedding for his leave in April, but he did not arrive until July. Got a job at Kresge's Dollar Store in the meantime. Got married July 6, then his leave ended eleven days later. Got pregnant very quickly, and husband came back to be with her for birth. Next leave after that was when daughter was 6-7 months old. Got another leave around Victory in Europe day, then was called back to duty.