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Won the state first prize in halter at a horse show once. Showed Percherons, bought first from France for $1800 which landed at Galveston in America during the hurricane. Describes buying a horse from a horse show. Paid $1200 for the second horse, but he was not as good. Kept horses at a neighbor's farm and another neighbor was a trainer who took care of him. When an uncle moved to Urbana he had a friend look after his horse, but the friend became sick, so Mr. Taylor bought the horse for $50, and worked the horse up to 1800 lbs, but later he died in the pasture. Had a large show in Virginia, IL. Most people in the area owned Percherons, and people came from across the county to show. Some people showed riding horses. Did not have shows, music, or vendors at the horse shows around 1905.
Graduated from Lincoln College in 1905 in general courses. Does not think it helped him in farming. Went to preparatory school at Lincoln for two years and Lincoln College for 5 years. Went to Hickory before Lincoln. Had 30 students in Hickory school. Recalls a few of the teachers. Some teachers would hit children with a stick. One teacher whipped two boys when one pushed the other boy into the creek during an argument.