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Parents lived in a sod house in Kansas. Rattlesnakes came through the roof the day she was born (July 9, 1887). Jumps right into story about a prairie fire in Kansas when she was two, told to her by mother. Neighbor comes by to warn of fire. They returned to Illinois via Missouri for two years when she was three. Describes birth of brother Earl in Missouri whose skin looked black - doctor said put him in bowl with whiskey and massage; blood began to circulate. Father a farmer. He cleared lots of woody patches for crops. Made $5/day on threshing teams & had to wear goggles and heavy clothes. Mother was tiny. Had ten children. Family never went to bed cold or hungry. Continued discussion of trip from Kansas. Took hens in a coop & they laid eggs all the way. Cousin burned her leg on campfire when she stepped on a skillet full of bacon and grease halfway from Missouri to Illinois. Dressed wound.