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duration 14:42
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Tells story of a 4-year-old foster daughter named Betty who loved horses. Fostered Betty for several years until Mrs. Kirby's father died. Was very proud of the ability of the family to keep the farm running after father died. Had another little foster son. Discusses the futures of her foster children. Recalls her first permanent and hearing then about another foster daughter whose parents were divorcing. That foster daughter was over-dramatic and enjoyed attention and new shoes. Describes one of her temper tantrums. Was going to take another foster child during the Depression, but the parents decided not to because they did not want to give her up until she was 16. There has been one divorce in their extended family. Father died in 1937 and mother died in 1947. Describes the careers and educations of her nieces and nephews and their children. Thinks her parents would have been proud of them.