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Many relatives in KY. His father's family the only ones of the Nuckolls who left KY. An uncle of his mother had moved to Taylorville from KY and wrote back with exciting views on farming in Illinois. His dad decided suddenly to move. Arrived in Illinois in September in time for school. (1915). Lived in Taylorville first as a farm manager for Hay Brown. Managed herd of purebred cattle. Cannot raise tobacco in Illinois (except far south) because of black soil. Mother's father was killed fighting for the North in the Civil War. Central KY was the dividing line & family members fought each other on both sides. Tells story about his grandmother burying Confederate money during war & its becoming worthless. His mother has two brothers. They helped their widowed mother carry on farming. Surname was Barber. Grandmother married a Matthews. "Have a whole flock of double cousins." Have family reunions in KY, but numbers have dwindled. Nuckolls in IN, northern Illinois, and Missouri. Mentions facial hair of father & grandfather.
Sunday was a day for church and home activities. Hired men did not go to church. Three hired men cut one another's hair, wrestle, play horseshoes. He liked to hunt as a boy for quail, pheasant and goose in southern Illinois. Took his dog hunting for opossum and skunk at night. He has two sisters. It was half mile to nearest neighbor. In KY they had husking contests when harvest was all in. Did not husk corn before putting it in corn crib like they do in Illinois. Sneak in a red ear & whoever got it got to kiss the girl of his choice. Also had a dance. Most of family played music. Had party dancing, like a reel in a circle. Did that in Illinois, too.