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Description of kitchen & woodstove. Describes how the stove worked & how you learned how much wood needed to get proper temperature. Mentions cakes & "7-minute icing". Did not cook in fireplace, but did use a big old iron pot. Mentions making of a vegetable stew & using steam to moisten dry bread. Discusses the "New House". Old house used as a summer kitchen. Describes the parlor & living room & their different uses. Mentions bedroom, & dining room. No basement because it was a "woman-killer" because of steps. Father built many conveniences into the house, e.g., an iron pipe with trough ran into the kitchen from the spring to keep milk & butter cool. Father was a great help in the garden. New house had a range stove. Mixed hot water with hominy hearts in kitchen to feed pigs in winter. Ate in the dining room, not the kitchen.