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After moving to town, tried all churches in Springfield before she chose Union Church.
She worked for very nice people. Remembers beginnings of segregation in Springfield. She was on farm during 1908 Race Riot, but recalls reason given for riot. Folks that rioted were not from Springfield core, but people on fringes. Mentions hanging & destruction of negro property, most of which was rented from whites. Attempted to burn Union Church, but Church was defended by people with guns. Dad was in town during riot, mother was away, & children at home. Taught never to run from a mob & protect yourself. Recalls bucket falling making a racket scaring her cousin, & causing distribution of father's guns. Mob did not get as far as Goose Prairie (around 18th St.). After riot she saw many crippled & limping white people. Black people were not too frightened. Does not recall blacks leaving Springfield during riot. Does not recall much change after riot which was regarded as a mistake because it was shown that white woman had a white, not a black child. Woman had lied about consorting with a black man. She thinks segregation started after riot. 'Some people just can't get along.'