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Born in Lincoln, IL, January 31, 1989. Still lives with parents in Lincoln. Has 2 sisters and 1 brother. Grandparents live in Staunton and Hoopeston, IL. Parents have no relatives around central IL; Mother one of 8 children. Father has 2 sisters living out of state. Grew up on dairy farm in Lincoln, IL. Mother went into labor in the dairy barn before giving birth to Ms. Hatfield. Then moved to Staunton and lived on a farm. Then moved to Hoopeston before moving to White City, IL.
As a child, very active. Played a little, but also had chores to help out Dad. Liked to drive a tractor and disliked "riding the rack" when baling hay. Sometimes played games to see who among siblings had to do a chore, such a playing rock, scissors, paper to see who cleans up a cow's mess at the fair. Not too many friends visited on farm. Playmates were mostly brothers and sisters. Recalls when a friend from Chicago saw a cow on farm for first time.
Was a "clover bud" before she was old enough to 4-H. Mom had been in 4-H when she was younger. Then she became (and still is) a 4-H club leader. When Ms. Hatfield joined 4-H, at first was involved in just general projects such as public presentations, corn, soybeans, etc. Among favorite projects were child care project last year. Taught agriculture 1 day per week in 3rd and 4th grades and put together a portfolio describing project results. For example, made ice cream and developed animal lessons for students. For "Kids in Motion" group, showed anatomy of various animals along with food pyramid, soil, recycling, etc. Examples of 4-H projects available are photography, sewing, collections, small animal categories. Her favorite project was public presentations. She has shown cows for 8 years, along with pigs, sheep, goats at other times. The year she raised and showed a rabbit was very hot and "not good". To participate in 4-H, which starts in September, students must sign up for specific projects. For cattle, the process includes a "weigh in" in March and then showing the same animal at the fair. Says that the great part of 4-H is the people. She has traveled to Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA as part of her 4-H activities. Says the people you meet are one of the benefits of being in 4-H. 4-Hers in other states have the same type of projects, but may conduct them differently. For example, they might have a 6 county fair instead of a 1 county fair.