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She felt honored to be Charles' daughter. Never wanted to disappoint him. After he retired he started raising hogs. Was on the Illinois Power Board, Milliken Board of Directors. Was opposed to the doctrines of the Methodist Church. He also wrote for the county paper. Was a very talented writer and speaker. He wrote memoirs, finished them when he was 89. The narrator recalls a story about some artist friends of hers who were at Eastern Illinois University. One of them was complaining about a super conservative member of Illinois Regions, who happened to be the narrator's father. She thinks his greatest accomplishment was being a dad. He died in 1999. He was optimistic, but had a very low opinion on politicians. Narrator notices farmers renting and farming huge farms. They can do this because they have security from the government. The large landowners are pushing out all the small farmers.
Does not know what is in store for the family farm.
Very optimistic about the future of the land as long as we take care of the land by not mining inappropriately. As long as the ground is out there, it will provide for us.