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Miles Harston owns Aqua Ranch in Flanagan, IL. Aqua Ranch is a natural fish ranch as well as organic produce grower. Miles was born in Denver on April 29, 1952. Then moved to Butte, MT. Moved to Utah when he was two, where he began to enjoy horses and aquariums. His father was a medical doctor who specialized in psychiatry. Father had grown up on a farm in WY. His name was Marlo Harston. Myles' mother was born in Canada. As a teen her family moved to Utah. After high school she moved to Chicago and worked in the first Montgomery Ward. His parents met when Marlo was attending medical school at Northwestern University. Her name was Maybelle Henson Harston. When Myles was 15 the family moved to KY, where Myles managed an aquarium store. Had to tend to the horses as well. Attended high school in KY. The family is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints. He has one brother and four sisters. Fondly recalls riding horses with his brother. When he was young his mother would water the house plants with water from the aquariums and the plants seemed to thrive. As a high school student he wanted to be a horse trainer. Graduated in 1970, then went to a community college.
After a year at a community college he went on a mission to the Philippines. He enjoyed researching the islands' history. Learned the language and was near fluent. Spent time in Manila, Santa Cruz Laguna, Sabu, Leyte, Luzon. As a missionary, he tries to enlighten people about Jesus Christ and the scriptures. He also worked with health missionaries. Found the Philippinos very hospitable. Had only one door slammed in his face and that was by an American. Thinks he had a successful mission. Many of the people he was reaching were Christians who did not practice the faith.