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Economy dictates farm size. Have to set up fair policies and political instruments to reach goals. Some say free market does everything, but he follow Gandhi's saying that there is enough for need, but not for greed. How do we take our gift of being born here to help others. He is concerned about famine for some. Some nostalgia for family farms; hard to avoid it. Brother farms 1000 acres, half owned, half of others. Cannot recreate 160 acre farm. Can't mechanize it. Don't want to go back to small diversified. Feeder cattle business still has small scale operations. Does not see alternative to large farms. Small towns are antique malls or closed. Can't count on having crowds to open a restaurant in a small town. Have to be brutally frank with possibilities. Interviewer sums it as need for big operations for large yields we get now. Could never hand shuck or haul 200 bushel acres.