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William died in 1906. Father, Thomas, and Uncle Fred not like that William gave his land to his second wife in Cowley, Gloucestershire, England. (photo) She had land there. She died at 32. Lawsuit caused land to pass on to sons. Logan County land was put into trust for sons by his father. Western lands belong to cousins. Describes family labor and fueling furnace in the 1940s. Michael grew up in London. Father built a lodge (pleasure dome) in France, where he and family lived for six months a year. Shot grouse in Scotland in the summer. In the fall, to the states to shoot ducks. 1930-39. Hawtry's School (photo) in England (possibly at Marlborough, Wiltshire) at age nine. Put into long pants and Eton collars, taken to Victoria Station, and sent to boarding school. Compares to Harry Potter. The summer of 1939, they realized trouble was brewing. He was packed for Harrow, but they went to Portsmouth, took a liner to the States and a train to Illinois. Lincoln was hot and damp. Father had children with first wife, who did not want to emigrate - divorce and children received separation money. He later met one grandson and reconciled. English properties lost in Irish troubles from 1920.
Attended St. Marks School in Southborough, MA. Scheme with new immigrant quota for five years. It was a Prep school for Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. All got into college of their choice. Graduated in 1944. Applied for American Field Service. Limited by sight problem.