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Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong are the faces of agriculture, agriculture celebrities. Orion serves a purpose by being a voice for 2% of the population that needs an advocate, farmers are too busy doing their work to get out to the public. Tell people things that no one knows about. There's no other show out there like them. Orion has had a lot of influence. Has met every President since President Eisenhower. He's been to dinner's at the White House and to conventions and chatted with Presidents. He was on the list of becoming Secretary of Agriculture for Ronald Reagan. Never met John Kennedy as President, but met him during Primaries in Green Bay. Talks about his dinner at the White House Salute to Agriculture dinner. Norman Bourlag, the man who fed the world and won the Nobel Peace Prize, is no longer that well known in America but in India he changed their lives. Talks about the Presidents and how they worked with Presidents. Talks about John Block as secretary of agriculture for President Reagan. Orion was on the same list and knew John Block. John was a real farmer and helped farmers come through the 1980s.