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most of the calves in this clip are one to two years old. They move the cows every couple days so they have fresh grass. The grass they use in one field is a perrenial rye grass. The grass they use in the adjecent field is endophyte free fescue with white clover. They plan the grass especially for the cows. The farm used to be a crop farm. Some of them are offspring of a crossbred bull with some Friesian in him. He took some to Missouri and they were crossbred with red angus. He uses an electrified fence and water from the pond and a well. They have 10,000 feet of pipe throughout the pasture so they can water the cattle installed in 1994. He has thirty four cattle in one pasture and more in another. The elecrtic fence usually keeps them from escaping, except when a tree falls on the wires. They have a perennial rye grass with clover in it and a perennial endophyte free fescue with clover in it. They planted it when they converted the cropland. Trees are the best shelter for the cows. A cows comfort zone goes down to 0 degrees. One of the two year old cows could gain another 90 pounds in a month. Mostly a closed herd, brings in bulls. The herd becomes more gentle when you use an intensive grazing system. The cattles are numbered and correspond with their mothers and the year they were born.