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Elk feed on grass and clover, with a small amount of grain supplement which is shelled corn and alfalfa pellets. They hide their babies in tall grass. The elk are the farm are kept lean. Some are shedding their winter coats, but will be pretty in a couple of weeks. Elk have molars made of ivory. They are surrounded by an eight foot high fence. All of the pens are interconnected with gates and paths so they elk can be moved. They have three breeding groups according to what bull they're bred to. They have about 60 elk. All the elk are tagged and numbered according to their sire and there are different colors for different bulls. They pop their teeth as a warning or threat. They are very protective of the calves, regardless of whether or not it is their offspring. One older cow takes the position of watch-cow, making sure all the calves are okay. Newborn calves keep their spots for most of the summer.