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Makenna submitted a horticulture project for 4H. She was helped by her grandparents. Her centerpiece is a Golden Hubbard squash, she talks about the best chararcteristics of her squash. Other vegetables include Texas Super Sweet Onions, wala walas, Beefmaster tomatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes, and Kentucky Bull peas. She had to make sure the vegetables were uniform and that they had enough to use. She says the garden was large. It was a lot of work but it was fun. The hardest part was arranging the vegetables. They used straw to fertilize the potatoes. The heavy rain was not a problem.
Makenna used to show cattle for 4H. She showed angus. The hardest part was trying to lead the calk by rope. When it would walk she would twist its tail. She enjoyed cleaning the cattle with a hose, soap, and a brush.
4H meets six o'clock on Mondays after school. She has to give an update on her project every meeting about her vegetables. She thinks her next project will be growing flowers. She is looking forward to going to Conservation World. Only a few kids at her school are involved in 4H. They meet in Checkrow and she is the only person from Lewiston. They are led by Sharon Spangler, who encouraged Makenna to carry on with her project. Her grandparents and her mother helped her with her project.