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The peaches go through a dryer after the wax is put on them.. The wax and the dryer are more important when working with apples. The most important part is establishing the grade. The grade has to meet USDA standards and determines how retailers sell them. Ripe peaches cannot be sold to retailers so they can be sold at the farm market. Rollers are used so peaches can be examiend on all sides. People have to be specially trained to grade them.
Stink bugs get into the peaches during the flowering stage and suck the juices out. This causes them to indent.
The Grade A peaches are then computer weighed and specified for the customer's orders. The computer can separate by diameter, size or number. Bulk fill is the normal packaging. Bulk fill means they have a minimum size of a certain amount. A filler fills boxes to a pre determined weight, normally twenty five pounds.