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St. Louis, MO; MN; IA; GA; 1910; Belleville, IL
Temperature is important to peaches. If peaches are stored between 55 and 36 degrees there is internal breakdown. Peaches are cooled down to 75 degrees and sent to the store that way. When stored at the packing house they are stored at 33 degrees. They don't want to keep peaches for more than 5 to 7 days in order to the keep best quality. Most fruit is sent to Chicago, St. Louis, Minnesota, Iowa. Also store peppers, watermelons, tomatos and other products.
Market their own and partner with other local growers and producters and sell them in their speciality store as Eckert Products. They sell complementary materials to their products, such as peach cake mix. They originally opened a retail store in 1910 to market directly to the consumer. They even opened an IGA store in Belleville. They now specialize in produce, bakery and high end specialty grocery, meats and delis, cheese and wine.
Theyr'e farmers on the edge of a metropolitan area so they have to market to local and urban communities. They run a pick your own operation that they have to market as an entertainment business. In the metropolitan area there are more options and competition that causes them to improve and better their operation. Eckert Product. they are an entertainment business.