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Textured vegetable proteins are harder to find in stores, found in baking aisles or health food aisles. When mixed with boiling water, the TSP takes on the properties of meat. If you had worcestershire sauce or steak sauce it will taste like meat. Or you can add fruit extracts or vanilla. TSP is what soy burgers are made of. The year before, their meat substitute chili won first place at a chili cookoff. Miso is a fermented soy product, an Asian product. Used as an additive that gives an interesting, rich taste to soups. Marilyn gives the basic recipe of a soy based cookie, which they use to get people to try soy products. Canned soy beans can be used as replacements for any types of beans. Fake cheese is available in many different flavors.
She hopes and believes that in the future more soy products will be eaten. In developing countries they are trying to incorporate soy products into the diets. Soy products are important as a staple food and a protein. LIvestock will not be able to meet the demand.