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Describes apple orchard on Gerlach Farm. Talks of processing & drying of peaches with mother. Covered cut peaches with mosquito netting to keep flies off. Describes jarring fruit & use of sealing wax & later use of tin cans. Pickles ruined inside of cans so you could not use them again. No berries on farm, but they would pick blackberries & raspberries in "the timber". Strawberries were there but were too small.
Had to go to town to get mail. Mail delivery did not start until after 1910. Relates story of mailman who walked his rural route. Went to Raymond by wagon, probably second hand because father did not have money for a new one. Describes wagon. Went to post-office & grocery store for week's supply of groceries. Grocers carried most farmers on credit until harvest was over. Other businesses were feed store, elevators, lumberyard. Elevator became "life of the town". Raymond had 3 doctors & a dentist, but none today.