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Discusses coal burning pot-bellied stove at train depot. Got plenty of coal. Coal stored at end of depot. Had 2 stoves, 1 in office & 1 in waiting room. Describes depot at Honey Bend. Mentions unloading flour & stacking in the depot. Few passengers used Honey Bend. Only 3-4 at one time for a train. Describes people bringing Bert train ticket business. Mentions ability to sell steamship tickets. Most of Bert's tickets went to east coast. Story about ticket-master & Bert selling $110 or $210 ticket, that he short-changed customer. Worked in the tower in 1901. After worked 3 months from March to May learning in station. Then went to Strong, IL (in black land, rich agricultural land) to work a month. Then became a "relief man" working a dozen stations up & down line. Oilsman Station needed agent & he bid it & worked there in 1902. Brother Gene heard of Honey Bend agent leaving so Bert put bid in to work at Honey Bend. Worked at Honey Bend for 5-6 years. Honey Bend closed when 9hr work law went into effect, so Bert took station job at Litchfield. He quit working for railroad in October 1909 & started farming again.