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Describes method to separate cream from milk. Hogs fed skim milk. Farm Bureau man & Wallace Farmer Magazine taught Bert how to feed hogs "tankage". Started buying & mixing tankage with corn. Describes feeder. Story of worrying about tankage feed & cholera. Story of cholera epidemic & vaccinations (serum). Vaccination of his sows. Story of relaying experience with vaccinations to many farm organizations. Neighbors jealous of his "connections" & ability to get serum to fight cholera. Harry Campbell (step-uncle to interviewer) was veterinarian who helped Bert obtain serum. Raised 4-5 brood sows totaling 40 pigs. "I liked hogs." Raised Poland-China. Story of obtaining good Poland-China hogs via Mr. Shutt's advice. Hogs are "terrible to fence." This hog bred sows throughout the area. Bert did not charge for use of his stud hog because others did not charge him for other items. Never showed hogs. "I wasn't smart enough." Story of why farmers slept with their livestock at fairs Guarding against "crooked work" & people who would inject livestock to make them look sick. He buried this hog. Bert had fond memories of this hog.