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Tells about his uncle Will Shirley, brother to his mother. Lloyd Shirley, son of his aunt, worked at Crescent Forge and Shovel Company. Uncle Will ran a grocery in Havana where rural people would shop on Saturday nights. Kroger and A&P moved in nearby and underpriced him. He had the only delivery service at a time when most people did not have cars. Will's store survived until his death, but the children did not run it long. Describes the store. It carried just groceries and household goods like soaps, mops, and kerosene. Had a large cooler for meat and wheels of cheese. He bought produce from local farmers. Customers could call their orders in, or drop off a list and pick it up the boxes of food later, or wait for the list to be filled. Some people socialized in town while they waited and forgot to pick up their goods. Stores stayed open late.
Describes how on pitch dark nights they would get home because horses knew the way. Dad knew and pointed out the constellations in the clear night sky. Could hear the birds in the quiet night. Now highway traffic noise drowns out the birds. Recently hear whip-poor-wills near the house.