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Visited neighbors when they went to town, sometimes saw movies. "It was a luxury then." "Talking" movies became more popular. Theatre in Oakford that ran silent movies was called the Old Opera House and used reel film. Built before the 1900's and was run by Slick Thomas. Stopped running theatre when movies with sound became more popular, then theatre burned down. "With the Model T Ford and the horse to ride, you didn't cover much distance." Family went to Baptist church in Mt. Olive on occasion. Church was 2 miles away from house; went less often in the winter. Whoever wanted to go could go.
Father belonged to Farm Bureau in the 1920's, which promoted better farming like improved seed and purebred cattle. Still belongs to Farm Bureau and pays dues, although others probably dropped out in the Depression. When poor economy lowered crop prices, family lost hope in Bureau. Women founded Lynn Community Club in 1920 to buy school supplies, piano, books, carpentry supplies, and basketballs, and to run yearly events. Last day of school was community event for farmers to visit each other and eat dinner. Lynn Community Club ran box suppers and chili suppers to raise funds. Mother and wife both belonged to club.