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Describes being homesick and hungry at MacMurray College, and resenting being bossed around by upper classmen. Supplemented their diet with 25-pound boxes of prunes they bought together. Transferred to University of Illinois, where she shared 'light housekeeping' with several other women. They each brought some of the food from home and washed their clothes at the home of the nearest one. The Bank Moratorium was in effect (late 1920s -early 1930s) so there was very little cash economy. Described how they went cash-free, what they gave up. Graduated and taught in Athens, IL. Met husband at University of Illinois. He tried teaching in Greenview while she was at Athens, but didn't like it, so went to graduate school. They married and moved to Boston for his PhD at Harvard. Lived in University housing designed by the college president. Heating system of hard coal furnaces was difficult.