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Discussion of post-master changes & Raymond Browning quitting bank & becoming post-master. Browning became treasurer of school board. "Ed Browning is a good man. He's sober & industrious." Bill Lewis ran grocery store. Harry Waggoner was butcher. Story of Brady fellow doing trucking for farmers in area. He would take many part-time jobs, particularly taking up hay. Discusses people working at Red & White Store. Mentions fellow running grocery wagon delivering groceries to farmers. Could deliver anything but meat because they had no refrigeration. This delivery service was a great help to farmers. Discusses Alec Parrot who "just had a common school education" working at elevator for George Fooks so he could learn books for grocery store.
Story of shipping rates on railroad & fellow wanting to change from pay at delivery to pre-pay. Bert ended up with an extra $3 that he tried to give back to railroad for 2yrs. Railroad kept giving Bert's books the ok in spite of owing them $3. Bert had put $3 in his pocket & had same $3 when Wabash Railroad finally found they were owed.