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Mentions banks in area & mentions again that Mr. Ball (of National Bank) did buying of livestock for local cattlemen & all loans were good loans. But "crooked" bank examiner from Springfield caused trouble.
First car bought in 1917 was a Saxon, "an assembled car" (built from parts from other manufacturers). Stories about how bad the tires were at that time. Bert learned a lot about working on cars from Dwight Street who was still living at home with his folks at that time. Discusses roads, both dirt & paved, in area & how they got to Springfield. Story of State Senator having concrete road built to his house in Jerseyville so he could get back & forth from Springfield. Describes the Black Diamond Road, its route, changes, & state support for construction & maintenance. Story of fellow who would not sell land for construction of Lake Springfield. Fellow kept people off his property with a shotgun.