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Continuation of story of looking for land to homestead in OK. This was Bert's first experience camping. German-speakers shot cottontail for supper. Would not shoot jackrabbits because they wouldn't eat them. Bert had bacon & eggs for dinner, not rabbit because he never liked the hair the buckshot pushed into the meat. Drove wagon & mules day after day looking at land. No roads, just drove through country. Experienced hard rain. Story of driving wagon with mules through mud & fording Deep Red Creek where big logs had been placed by a "squatter". Bank sides by creek were very steep. "No grub left." Food ran out 1 day before getting back to town. Story of fellow laughing after he told them they could cross a slough at another creek. Mentions getting back to Lawton & putting mules away at a wagon-yard. Mentions going down to look at cotton-gin in town. Story of school-teacher noticing Bert did not cuss or drink & joined him for dinner. Grocer & PA fellows went to saloon & were drunk at supper.