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Description of Home. Main part of the house, living room and bedroom downstairs, and two bedrooms upstairs, was built in 1878. Built kitchen before Ms. Clough was born. Built front room (living room) and bedroom in 1910. Living room had organ, stand table, davenport, and chairs, and wasn't used in the winter because there was no heat. Fire was kept in the dining room. Had handmade chairs, bureau, and kitchen table made by great-grandfather who came from Wood River KY. Brother made a spinning wheel and gave it to a distant relative. All slept upstairs in winter except grandmother, and all slept downstairs in summer. Had a flue that went upstairs and then a stovepipe that went through the floor to the radiator, but because soot would collect and light on fire they replaced it with a register. Had feather beds, but they are hot in the summer.
Had old dash churns and then little glass churns to make butter. Couldn't make cheese, but made lots of cottage cheese. Describes the process of making cottage cheese. Homemade tastes very different from store-bought cottage cheese. Added sugar and butter to store-bought cottage cheese to make it taste more like homemade. Mother made bread once a week and lots of biscuits. Put flour, salt, baking powder, shortening or lard, and either sour milk or dry milk and water. No precise recipe for the biscuits.