Russ Jeckel

Russ Jeckel
  • Age: 82
  • Interview Date: 5/15/2008
  • Interviewer: Richard D. Hull, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
  • Interview Length: 51 minutes Sit Down Interview
  • County: Tazewell
  • Russ Jeckel was born in Delavan, Illinois in 1926 and was raised on a farm. Russ is a pioneer swine producer, he was the first to use the corn-soybean diet on swine in Illinois and he implemented the use of hog confinement buildings.

Russ Jeckel with Father, John, in 1944Russ Jeckel with Father, John, in 1944   Russ and Mary Jeckel in 2008Russ and Mary Jeckel in 2008

Russ Jeckel, Scott Jeckel