The world of video, especially digital video, is fast paced and difficult to keep up with. Video is a costly process whether working with analogue VHS tape or working with a camera that records directly to a hard drive.  Though expensive, the benefits are worthwhile when recording Oral History. The ability to see the facial expressions and hand gestures of the interviewee enhances the final product.

High Definition

Sony High-Definition Video CameraSony High-Definition Video CameraOne of the newest formats for video is High Definition (HD). HD video files are very large.  When embarking on a project using HD video be prepared to purchase terabytes of hard drive space, and editing software that will be capable of working with HD file formats.


Appropriate lighting is another aspect to consider when conducting an interview.  While many focus on video cameras and the software needed to process the video, it is equally important to bring home a visually pleasing product before editing or processing can begin. For this purpose you may want to purchase a flood light.  At the very least, you will need to be aware of the lighting at the interview site, and consider what type of view  it will produce. 


Software for digital video is changing at a rapid pace to attempt to keep up with the many types of digital video. The A-V Barn project used professional non-linear video editing software called Sony Vegas Pro. Other similar tools are Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro.