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Workmen kept a big horse in the barn. Father was better with horses than grandfather. Father had Columbus buggy worth $140, a sleigh, and a driving team with breast harnesses instead of collars. Mother kept a horse that got ringworm when the father died. Recalls specific horses of his father's and going to church with the family. Mother stepped on a snake in the garden and was afraid she had been bitten, but father just laughed. Grandfather did not play with children, rarely worked, and always wore a white shirt. Rented out farmland. Describes a disagreement about farmland. Father would make fun of grandfather for not caring about horses.
Grandfather did not go to town. Aunt went to town for groceries. Took a buggy with a former racehorse to Chandlerville, IL. Went to Virginia, IL to take the train to Springfield. Tells story about going to Virginia and the aunt falling out of the wagon. Changed trains at Springfield for Decatur. Went to Decatur in 1906 on the interurban.