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Uncle once got stung by bumblebee while they were working in the field and had a severe allergic reaction. Recalls spitting on the sting and rubbing dirt into it. Describes being rescued by other uncle while being dragged by a spooked horse. Discusses neighbors and relatives. Nearby church was built in the same year as he was born, 1891. Man hauled bricks for the church with oxen. Oxen would take the wagon off the road to a watering hole. There were brickyards in Chandlerville, Beardstown, and Virginia. The Myers Brickyard in Beardstown is owned by the same family that sells ice. Hauled bricks from Virginia to uncles' farms. Drove uncle's horses at 8 years old. Describes hauling bricks with horses. Recalls when certain neighbors fed cattle. One neighbor used oxen with a team of horses to pull corn. Everyone had an orchard and did not use pesticides, made cider out of apples with the pests. Recalls the rebuilding of roads, bridges, and ditches. Describes the ditch digging equipment.