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Hardest work was unloading two carloads of 11 lb bricks. Used tongs to take 4 bricks to another worker to put on the truck. Quit working on the road because he would work with his brother and the road was almost done. Spring after the roads were finished they drove trucks loaded with weights on the road to test it. Left Bates and moved to KY, got married, and then moved to Illinois where his brothers lived and stayed for 53 years. Rented 800 acres of farms, then bought 300 acre farm in 1956-1958, son took over farming in 1968 and Mr. Marr moved to New Berlin. Pay for working on the road was good at the time. Got $37 for 7 days' work, $20 for 6 days' work because pay was time and a half on Sundays. Got a raise and was paid $41-42 for seven days' work.
Got paid $30-35 per month on farm, plus 2 cows, hogs, garden, and a 5-room house, for four years. Grain elevator owner asked Mr. Marr to help him start a farm in New Berlin. Offered to pay double current wages, and also got cows, hogs, and an older 2-story house for free. Worked there for four years and then was hired to farm the land and hire other men. Government began paying farmers to leave area for grass on their farms. Got $900 for letting 50 acres go to grass. Describes dispute with landowner over who owned the money from the government. Moved away and rented 160 acres in Curran Township, farm grew gradually to 900 acres with pasture and 750 acres of crop. Let owner take back some land and ended with 300 acres. Had a tractor and four horses at first, then had two tractors and needed to hire men, then had 4 tractors, so he hired 2 men for $35-38 per month.