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Four of husband's brothers all came to Mt. Pulaski, IL to farm, and he wanted to as well because he did not like his job as a streetcar conductor in Springfield, MO. Rode with their horses, cows, and children on a train car to Mt. Pulaski. Husband's brother had a farm ready for them. Husband's oldest brother stayed in Missouri. Farm had an outhouse, had 80 acres, and kept Rhode Island Red chickens. Recalls story about selling chickens and getting cheated out of money. Some people would steal chickens.
Sons went to Latham schools at first, but lived closer to Mt. Pulaski on Route 121. Some neighbors took the train to Mt. Pulaski for school. County Superintendent of Schools for Logan County, IL, let them go to Mt. Pulaski for their last year of high school and pay only one year of tuition. Told them to not mention it again because he had to run for reelection. District of Mt. Pulaski now includes their house.