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Entered sewing competition in fourth grade and won grand prize of one dollar. Sister complained to father, and he gave them both another dollar each. Would pass father's office in courthouse going to school and would stop in, and father would give them each a nickel. Courthouse was large and red brick. Recalls some other people with offices in the courthouse. Made a dress without letting her stepmother know.
Stayed in Mt. Pulaski for 32 years, then moved to Waynesville to help son with hired man. Sewed for many people in the area. Land is better in Illinois, Missouri soil is rocky. Father taught and hired someone else to do farm work. Recalls story about hired man planting peach seeds. Mother would go outside in the mornings in father's coat and milk cows. Mother was small, grandfather who went to CA for the Gold Rush was very short. Grandfather wrote a diary and came home on a boat. Sewed for neighbors, recalls not being paid twice. Can't remember what she made for specific people. Sewed for people in Lincoln, Lake Fork, Latham, Decatur, and Springfield. Father would ride across a river to the school at the beginning of the week, boarded near the school, and road home across the river at the end of the week.