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Mother died December 3rd, 1903, in Lebanon while the father was Recorder. Brother was a machine gunner in World War I in France. Was not close to her stepmother or her stepmother's children, although she exchanges cards with stepmother's daughter in St. Louis, MO. Name is misspelled in the 1910 census of Laclede County. Recalls a few neighbors. Grandparents lived in Nebo township. Recalls the nurse who took care of her mother and the hired girl who cleaned the house. Recalls father telling the children that their mother had died. Had the funeral at the Christian Church. Teacher took pictures of her and her sister in 2nd grade and put them on the Christmas tree at the church. Went to Colorado on the train for two years for her father's health. Lived in town before going to Colorado, and had a sale before they left. Uncle stayed with them and worked with them at a farm equipment factory in Pueblo, County Father bought a livery barn called Elk Horn Livery Barn and ran it in either Fowler or Pueblo, Colorado. Sister died at 85 years old.
Recalls visiting an independent living facility with a friend, and then the friend's troubles in living there. Ms. Patterson believed she would stay at her own home until she needs to go to a nursing home. Walks to the mailbox twice a day and thinks it is good exercise.