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Neighbors would get together for community butchering. Describes preserving, smoking, & seasoning of hams. Those hams "…were out of this world." Describes storage of sausages after frying in vat of lard stored in cellar. Butchered in fall. Used hickory & sassafras to smoke meat. Details smoking process. Mentions size & character of smokehouse. Folks had different methods for preparing meat. Women "they're generally boss ain't they." Great story of day's butchering & meat processing (12 hogs) for $3/day. Meat sold to Dockum & Dawson. Detailed description of equipment used in butchery & meat preparation, including shooting, bleeding, scalding, hang on pole, eviscerate, cool, cut 'em up. Water temperature had to be just right to remove hair. Description of cuts of meat. Learned by doing it all his life with Mr. De Silva. Butchered 80-90 hogs in a season. A day's work was daylight to dark.