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"I'll tell you soybeans is a wonderful crop. They make so many things out of soybeans." Not raised much in 1930's. Mentions bushel price of beans. Winfred has 50% beans & 50% corn. Some corn kept for livestock, but little beans kept except for seed. Winfred watches the market everyday. Story of beans going into elevator & selling them for ~$7/bushel while Donald kept his & did not sell for less than $10/bushel. Winfred never sold anything before he had it. Discussion of risks in selling before crop is harvested. Mentions Board of Trade in Chicago & rule of price break allowed per day. Stories illustrating how fast corn is sold from broker to broker & how much money is made & lost. "You may lose on one, but you'll make on the next one." Discussion of grain piles at elevators when storage inadequate. Decision of when to harvest is entirely made by moisture content. Strive to harvest #2 corn, less than 15% moisture. Anything above 15% must be dried & elevator charges for drying to 15%. Corn-Pickers (ear corn) vs. Combine (shell-corn). "The Amish are a very peculiar tribe of people."