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Seed corn raised at Morton, IL & Champaign, IL. Soybeans; Wheat; Winfred's Pioneer Brand territory was 2 townships, Fancy Creek & Williamsville. "I won all kinds of prizes from that company…." Story of his supervisor being a drinker & being replaced by Alva Lamb. Mentions almost getting 200 bushels/acre on one test plot. Mentions vagaries of rainfall often determine productivity. Steak dinner at Jim and Babe's Steakhouse went to top producer for Pioneer Brand. "They're continuously changing the breeding of this corn….." Discussion of testing of hybrids in US and Argentina. Description of what a test plot is & how data is collected. "I made a practice of selling the numbers of corn that did good for me." "You get a scientist talking and you want to shut up and let him do the talking and you do the listening." Soybean hybrids haven't increased productivity as much. Grow very little wheat.