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Winfred showed corn. Won national champion for single ear of corn in Hannibal, MO. "It was a beautiful ear of corn." Mentions prize money & show was a "racket." Man in IN bought this ear of corn. Story of Winfred buying that ear of corn back the next year & showing it at Illinois State Fair where it won again. Same ear showed in International Corn Show in Regina, Canada & won 9th place. Next wk it won in another fair. Discusses how ear of corn graded in shows. Professor Hackleman & Claude Chapman were judges. More stories of corn-shows. Ear in one show had diplodia & was thrown out. Description of diplodia disease. Show ears polished & brushed. Description & discussion of Central Division regulations for ears of corn. Showed corn via a "middleman" at the International Fat Stock Show in the Northern Division. "It’s a little on the crooked side.", but fellow won 1st prize. "It was going on everyday. That's show-business."