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Electioneered outside of the home for Democrats using the telephone, door-to-door, or near the polls. Supported Wilson when he ran for president. Stood outside the Shipley schoolhouse in zero-degree weather to encourage people to vote for a Menard County nurse. Describes working with the first Menard County nurse, who specialized in tuberculosis. Worked with children through the church for forty years. Was also involved in the health portion of 4-H. Was county chairman for 4-H and brought the state department to the county fair to examine children for free. Helped a girl with tonsillitis get treatment in Springfield, IL. Became involved in home economics in 4-H. Seventeen of the girls she taught went on to college and graduated with home economics degrees. Wanted rural children to have opportunities like city children. Children could join at 10 years old and stay until they were 19. 4-H helped children financially to go to University of Illinois during the Depression. One girl in the group went to the nationals in clothing judging. Was originally scared of the children. Met in the church basement and taught children to darn, patch, and sew. Now 4-H has many more categories of judging available. Wanted to work with some children at the Hull House in Chicago but the University would not allow it. Children won categories in style show and individual garments. Thinks the projects gave the girls confidence and a sense of organization.