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Discussion of foods (cabbage, potatoes, apples, etc.) stored by burying. Storage area had to have good drainage. Description of placing foods on straw, covering with straw & then piling on earth up to 18 inches thick & then more straw. Mention of how winters were different in the past. Winters were cold. Hole left on south side of hill containing stored food. Hole stuffed with an old dress & straw. Onions were dried. Sorghum in barrel. Flour bought in Marshall. Had many homemade butters, apple butter, pumpkin butter. Discussion of picking nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, hickory nuts, & butternuts. Left in sacks on roof "to ripen." Nuts used a lot in baking. Discussion of method to get walnuts without staining hands. Never sold nuts, "… that was just part of living." Mention of mushroom-hunting in spring. Mentions "sponge" & "long-neck" mushrooms. Relatives from Terra Haute IN came over to get mushrooms.