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She gives her impressions of the big city of Chicago, "It was huge." She learned to face situations with courage. Mentions importance of God in getting her through these times. Then she quit dress-making job to take care of grandchildren. Mention of her & daughter & grandchildren going to Indianapolis to find work. Worked again as a nurse for woman who was ill. After her operation she quit nursing & started caring for her grandchildren again. Story of surprise visit by other grandchildren. Story of moving again, this time to St. Louis when son-in-law got a new job. Story of falling off chair, crushing her left knee & being in hospital for 3wks. Returned to Marshall after recovery from accident in 1964. Went to daughter Dorothy's to help cook, help with house-keeping. Discussion of finding apartment for $15/month in Marshall. Then house sold forcing look for a new place. Fond memories of this new home. She was called the "flower-lady." Mentions "Ten-Cent" store. Her roommate died so she again became a part-time nurse. Again moved back with daughter Evelyn.