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Sees a great future for the family farm. When asked who the boss is, replies that they don't really have one, depends on the area and who is there. Feels optimistic about the future of farming. Recalls the Secretary of Agriculture telling them they could plant "from fencerow to fencerow;" and a few years later selling corn for $.89 a bushel. Realizes that there are other areas of the world that will need the produce grown in the US, but doesn't want these other places to buy out the US's surplus. Wants this interview to show that from his grandparents Pat Coleman and his grandfather on the Scates side, if you work hard and share, you can be successful in farming, and that there is a future for agriculture in Gallatin and White counties. No one person on the farm is any more important than the next. Pat Coleman was born in Limmerick, Ireland, 1843. Owned three sections of land when he first came to Gallatin County. It is now owned by different members of the family.