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Sullivan High School; University of Illinois; Champaign, IL; 1950-1960;Farm Bureau; Charles Shuman; John Shuman; Paul Shuman; 1930-1940; 1940-1950; Moultrie County Livestock Association; Farm Supply Company; Rural Electrification Administration (REA);1940-1950; Illinois Agricultural Association; Chicago, IL
Bliss married a neighbor girl, Grace Baker. He farmed his whole life. Grace was a school teacher. They had three children. Charles Baker Shuman (narrator's father). Bernadeen Shuman who married Homer Curtis, and Mildred Shuman who married Earl Hughes. Both sisters were introduced to the men they would marry by Charles while he was at the University of Illinois. Charles was born in 1907. Bernadeen, who was a few years younger but very smart, and Charles started school at the same time and went to the U of I together. The family moved to Champaign-Urbana. Charles had the good qualities of both Bliss and Irving. Was very ethical and strong of character. Fame never went to his head. When he would come home to the farm from Chicago he would put on his overalls and visit with the townsfolk. Charles purchased the family farm from his parents, who gave cash gifts to their daughters. He put the land in a trust. He really wanted to keep the land together so his sons could farm it at some point. The trust began in 1954. Graduated in 1928, majored in agricultural economics. Went back to the farm and became involved in farm organizations. Narrator is the youngest of her siblings. Her brother Charles Shuman was born in 1935. Twins John and Paul were born in 1937, and narrator was born in 1942. All raised on the family farm. Her father had been involved in the Farm Bureau during the Great Depression. Was involved in the rural electrification process. Started the Moultrie County Livestock Association, and a Farm Supply. Led the first consolidated school effort in central Illinois. Was drawn to the Farm Bureau because he wanted to help local farmers. Was elected Illinois Agricultural Association president in1948. Could no longer farm because he had to move to Chicago and it was a full time job.